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Teeth on Time: Dentistry Services for Rowville & Kilsyth

Teeth on Time….we appreciate your time is valuable, so we’ll endeavour to be on time, every time, or we’ll pay you for your time!

If we keep you waiting more that 20mins, we’ll give you $50!

Terms and Conditions

Our practice runs on the good will of our staff and patients. We endeavour to see all patients presenting daily with pain or dental emergencies and we regularly work through our breaks and work late to accommodate everyone whom needs our help. As we triage emergencies on the basis of need, and sometimes appointments don’t go as according to plan, we apologise if we keep you waiting, but believe us, we’re not having a crafty coffee!

If you have any queries or need to leave by a certain time, please discuss with our staff or your Angel Dentist.

So we don’t have naughty patients deliberately disrupting the day to day running of our clinics, heres the boring bit….

-Eligible appointments 9am-4pm Monday to Friday

-Patients must arrive within 10 mins of their appointment time to ensure the subsequent appointment isn’t compromised….If you’re running late we will of course still see you!

-Timing starts from the submission of patient medical history form to Angel Dental receptionist. Patients utilising the teeth on time guarantee please indicate so on this form.

-Appointments excluded from guarantee include those for patients under 18, discounted reviews or consultations, trauma/emergency/liability insurance appointments, same day appointments, Dept. Veteran Affairs and Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme patients.

-Delays caused by the dentist attending a patient experiencing a medical emergency, or by laboratory courier failing to deliver.

-Up to a maximum of $50 credit per appointment applied to any co-payment or future appointment at the clinician’s discretion

-Not valid with any other offer

-Angel Dental reserve the right to withdraw Teeth on Time offer at any time