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Emergency Dental Services and More in Rowville

Examination and Cleaning

Angel Dental recommend that teeth and oral tissues should be examined every 6 months to detect any early changes, where minimal intervention can be achieved. Even patients wearing full dentures should ensure their oral health is maintained with regular soft tissue exams by a dentist.



Everyday food stains can quickly build up on teeth and simply brushing with a manual or electric tooth brush can’t remove them. We utilise gentle ultrasonic scaling and polishing discs to return your teeth to their former glory.

White Fillings

Angel Dental is a mercury free practice and we ONLY use white filling materials at not additional cost. Old fashioned silver fillings leak and stain the underlying the tooth substance a grey/black colour. As they are not adhered to the cavity, they are forced and wedged into the tooth by the dentist and eventually propagate cracks and cause fractures leading to further loss of tooth material. White fillings, aside looking invisible, are adhered onto the tooth, helping preserve tooth structure and can be used to provide therapeutic medicaments into the tooth, reducing sensitivity and recurrent decay.



Porcelain Veneers

These gorgeous restorations are essentially a porcelain covering of the front surface of the teeth. They can be used to realign crooked teeth, close gaps or simply cover unsightly discoloured teeth and transform a smile. If you are thinking about renovating your smile, we can show you a personalised model of what your new teeth will look like. Our Melbourne CBD laboratory are very clever!



Treatment involves preparing the teeth to accept porcelain followed by final permanent cementation of the veneers. This can take 2 weeks, or sooner if the need arises as we are able to prioritise your treatment. During the construction period the teeth are covered with a tooth coloured temporary veneer material to protect the underlying teeth and get you used to your new smile.


If your tooth is at risk of fracture, we may recommend a porcelain restoration, such as inlay-onlay or crown. All of our porcelain restorations are made in Australia by our skilled laboratory technicians. We have decided not to use machines, even with the latest updates, to make ‘ceramic restorations’ in the surgery (such as ‘CEREC’ aka CAD-CAM). These are milled from a resin-ceramic blank to a restricted selection of templates over the course of an hour, benefiting the dentist by reducing surgical time. Instead, Angel Dental dentists prefer to use our time effectively, by taking accurate records to enable a precise prescription which is custom made to your tooth and functional requirements, achieving a far superior result in furnace fired and glazed smooth porcelain.



If a tooth is missing, porcelain can be attached to adjacent teeth to fill the space and your Angel Dentist will be able to discuss the specific design with you further.


Sadly some patients may have missing teeth, either due to trauma, infection or complete absence where the tooth never developed. Some patients may require a cosmetic replacement of their existing teeth which also benefits their smile, chewing and confidence.



Dentures are artificial replacements of teeth, the supporting bone and gums. They are designed to be removed for cleaning and are not cemented. They are usually constructed within 3-4 weeks or sooner if the need arises as our denture technician is also based in Kilsyth, which greatly reduces transit times.


The platinum standard for tooth replacement is a titanium implant which is inserted into the jaw bone, becomes osseo-integrated and then supports a crown, bridge or denture in the mouth. With a very high success rate in non-smokers, they are very versatile and adaptable, lasting many years. Your Angel Dentist will access your suitability for a successful implant depending on your level of oral hygiene, available space and bone level at the proposed implantation site.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth may become discoloured in a number of ways. Firstly the teeth should be cleaned to remove any surface stains and calculus, to establish the base colour of the enamel. Teeth discolour and yellow with age due to wear and tear, luckily respond very well to bleach applied to the outside of the tooth. Angel Dentists discourage the use of Zoom whitening due to the degree of severe post treatment sensitivity reported by patients anecdotally and in clinical studies, preferring instead to use gentler applications of tooth whitening materials with minimal side effects. The clinical concentrations of bleaching materials are restricted and only available to dentally qualified health professionals, so over the counter bleaching kits bought from pharmacies or available at whitening sessions are far inferior and offer little or no value for money and obviously won’t remove any surface stains from the tooth. Some whitening companies use alternative preparations which are very caustic resulting in burns to the gum tissue as shown here…..OUCH!


Root Treatment (endontics)

When the nerve inside a tooth is infected or dying, symptoms can range from occasional sensitivity to severe throbbing pain, which needs to be assessed and treated by a dentist. If a root treatment is indicated, the infected nerve of the tooth is removed from the inside of the tooth and replaced with a sterile flexible filling material over the course of a few appointments, whilst the tissue around the tooth heals. Untreated, abscesses can damage adjacent teeth, cause soft tissue swelling and in medically compromised patients, life threatening complications.